Essential Tips to Choose Professional Catering Services

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You are planning a party for your upcoming special occasion. This could be a wedding, birthday party, anniversary, or even a corporate event. Regardless of what type of gathering it is, you are going to need to feed your guests. You can try to make all the food yourself, or you can leave this job to the professionals. Before you pick a chef, discover these essential tips to choose professional catering services.

With the amount of catering companies out there, picking the one that is going to be perfect for your special event can be a daunting task. Prior to settling on one, make sure that you do your research. Look and ask around to see what your friends, family, and co-workers recommend. Word of mouth is sometimes the best way to get information on companies that you are not familiar with.

Start with the essential tips to choose professional catering services by narrowing down your options. There are an abundance of choices out there so pick three or four to review more carefully. Check on the prices of these businesses to make sure they fit within your budget. Also confirm that they have the foods you are looking for. Check their website to see the experiences they have given past customers.

Take the time to go to their establishment if possible. No matter where the catering company’s kitchen is, you should have access to it. Go in and check for cleanliness of both the building and the employees preparing the food. You are spending a decent amount of money on their services so you should be able to get a preview of what you can expect.

Ask about pricing. You do not want to get your heart set on a specific catering company only to discover they are way out of your price range. Many places will offer a price per person or per plate rate. Get an accurate count of the amount of people that will be attending your event. Then, discuss with the caterer what level of budget you are working with.

Go over the menu options. If you are expecting a home cooked, American family-style meal, you are not going to want to get catering from a Mexican restaurant. Let the employees know exactly what foods you want to serve. Regardless if you are going with a plate style or buffet style service, you should have options when it comes time to feed your guests.

Another one of the essential tips to choose professional catering services is to ask for a menu tasting. Especially if you are planning for a big event like a wedding or important business meeting, you do not want to disappoint your guests with an unpleasant meal. Ask the company you are researching if you can come in and try out some of the dishes that they have available.

Make sure you pick a caterer that is going to pay attention to you. You are going to have specific wants and needs when it comes to your menu and the delivery of your food. A catering company that you want working for you will listen to you and work with you all along the way. You will be able to tell if you have chosen a caterer that listens from the very first connection.

Finally, be sure they can give you the level of service you are expecting. At some events you want to have plenty of wait staff on hand to serve your company while other times you may not need as many. Talk with the catering company and let them know what you’re envisioning when it comes to have staff ready to work for you.


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