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5 Lifestyle Factors That Contribute to a Decline in Brain Function

Your lifestyle can either contribute to your having a healthy well functioning brain, or cause your brain to decline in powers such as memory, cognition and focus. Bad habits like eating a poor diet, drinking too much alcohol, not getting enough sleep, and exposure to too much stress, can greatly affect brain function. This will become worse as you age. Some lifestyle factors which can affect your brain function and cause it to decline are: Lack of exercise – If you live a sedentary lifestyle, you risk […]

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Essential Tips to Choose Professional Catering Services

You are planning a party for your upcoming special occasion. This could be a wedding, birthday party, anniversary, or even a corporate event. Regardless of what type of gathering it is, you are going to need to feed your guests. You can try to make all the food yourself, or you can leave this job to the professionals. Before you pick a chef, discover these essential tips to choose professional catering services. With the amount of catering companies out there, picking the one that is going to […]

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4 Simple Things To Start Doing Today For Better Senior Health

When it comes to our health, it’s often not the big things done once that matter. It’s the little things done regularly that add up to a really big thing over time. This is how it is with senior health. A lot of the things that are good for senior health usually should have been regular parts of our lives long before we became so… well… you know… old. However, life is an active process and, even if you have neglected your health for the years leading […]

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The Features and Benefits of the Anvil Speedboil

In the catering and restaurant industry, speed is of the essence. Commercial kitchens are under pressure to serve food and drinks quickly, plus they need to be warm when they are served. It’s not surprising that restaurants are seeking for instant heating solutions that will speed up their kitchen processes. Here are the features and benefits of the Anvil Speedboil for the restaurant and catering industry: The Anvil Speedboil is not quite like a kettle. Many people tend to think that this specific kitchen equipment is like […]

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